How Postpartum Can Lead to Better Skin Than Before Pregnancy

How Postpartum Can Lead to Better Skin Than Before Pregnancy

For many women, postpartum can be a difficult time. From the lack of sleep to the physical and emotional changes that come with having a new baby, it's hard to even think about taking care of yourself. But there is one thing that has been a surprise for many moms after their little one arrives - beautiful skin! Following these simple tips below can result in better skin than before you were pregnant.   

First, Understand Your Skin’s Needs & Limitations

It's essential for every new mom to understand her own individual needs when it comes to her postpartum skincare routine. What works for one person may not work for another because everyone has different skin types and sensitivities. There are some common denominators that all new moms should consider when creating their routine. For instance, hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause dryness or oiliness in the skin, while fatigue can result in dullness and puffiness. So, it’s important to focus on hydration and nourishment.                      

  • When you're pregnant, you tend to be more aware of what you put into your body. You pay attention to what foods are healthy for both you and baby as well as what food isn't so healthy for either of you! Once baby arrives, hang on to this same mindset. Eating nutritious food will ensure that not only does your body get the nutrients it needs but also that your skin looks healthier too.
  • Hydration is key during postpartum, and drinking plenty of water helps keep your skin moisturized from the inside out. It helps flush out toxins from your system that may cause breakouts or other issues.

Stress Management Postpartum

Being a new mom is never stressfulsaid no one, ever! But, we balance those stressful moments with the joy of the new life in our arms. So, it's important to take time out each day just for yourself so you can relax and unwind - even if it's just 10 minutes here and there, especially when your little one has fallen asleep,

Choose Natural Skincare Products

In addition to understanding your individual needs, choosing natural skincare products is also key when formulating a good postpartum skincare routine. Natural ingredients like shea butter, aloe vera, tea tree oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, and jojoba oil are all known for their hydrating properties—which is just what postpartum skin needs! These natural ingredients are gentle enough even for those with sensitive skin types yet still powerful enough to provide ample moisture without clogging pores or irritating delicate baby-soft skin. Plus, they are free from harsh chemicals which makes them safe for use around babies and children as well as yourself! Magnolia Skin Essentials is your go-to source for these types of products. 

Give Yourself Time To Heal & Rejuvenate

Most importantly, give yourself time after giving birth to heal both physically and mentally. This cannot be a rush job! But also remember there are riches to be had when you’re patient. What riches? An example would be allowing someone else to take care of you, like letting your husband draw you a bubble bath and let you soak while he tends to the baby, or having someone else take care of the dishes so you can get an extra hour of sleep. These seemingly small things are opportunities for others to show their love for you. Don’t rob them or yourself of these riches! Allowing yourself time off from parenting duties will help your body heal faster from labor while simultaneously providing more energy so that you have the strength needed to take care of both yourself AND your baby.               


Taking care of yourself during this time is essential so that not only do you feel better physically but also mentally and emotionally. By eating nutritious food, managing stress levels through relaxation techniques, and taking advantage of hormone changes during pregnancy - postpartum can actually give you an opportunity to have better skin than before pregnancy!

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