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Magnolia Skin Essentials

Frankincense Hand & Body Lotion

Frankincense Hand & Body Lotion

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It's easy to pamper yourself with Frankincense Hand & Body Lotion: You'll instantly notice its unique velvety texture, with a light and smooth application that lets you feel the healing power of nature. With each use, your skin will become softer as the natural ingredients work together to bring you deep moisture for maximum hydration. And after each application, you’ll enjoy the delightful scent that lingers long after you’ve rubbed it in!

Frankincense combines aromatic resins, herbs and woody notes to create an intoxicating scent that you can indulge in. Every time you reach for the bottle, you are instantly drawn into its warm, woodsy aroma. And when you apply it, the soothing aloe-infused lotion wraps around your hands and body like a light blanket of protection. Our sumptuous formulas are designed to help hydrate your skin naturally, leaving it looking radiant and healthy with each use. 

Say goodbye to tired, dry skin--Frankincense Hand & Body Lotion is just what every woman needs in her skincare arsenal. 



Aqua, Grape Seed Oil, plant-derived emulsifying wax, Vegetable Glycerin, Shea Butter, hydrolyzed natural silk proteins, Magnolia Extract, Cetyl Alcohol, essential oil blend, Vitamin E, natural preservative.


Care information


Apply liberally to arms, legs, and torso with gentle massaging action until absorbed.

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