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Magnolia Skin Essentials specializes in luxurious skincare products that contain Magnolia Bark Extract and embody the characteristics of authenticity; pure, clean, and genuine ingredients that promote youth and wellness.


Magnolia Officianalis and its bioactive compounds, Magnolol and Hanokiol, are powerful anti-aging ingredient

  • Anti-Oxidants

    Anti-oxidants that actively reduces free radicals, protects skin and slows the aging process. Softens and hydrates skin reducing fine lines that may already be present.
  • Anti-Inflammatory

    Magnolol is proven to reduce redness, swelling, and itching caused by allergic reactions, stress, or bacterial infections. Calming and soothing.
  • Anti-bacterial Agent

    Clinical studies show that Magnolol is effective in fighting disease-causing bacteria present on the skin.
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New! Gentle Radiance Collection for Sensitive/Reactive Skin

Gentle Radiance Collection For Sensitive/Reactive Skin

Introducing the Gentle Radiance Collection, designed specifically for people with sensitive/reactive skin... 

TSA Approved✓

Hate leaving your favorite beauty products at home? No worries, you can take your Magnolia Skin Essentials with you! Our Discovery Collection product sizes are TSA Approved!

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