Unlocking the Secret to Feminine Genius: Balancing Self-Love With Your Nurturing Nature

Unlocking the Secret to Feminine Genius: Balancing Self-Love With Your Nurturing Nature

As a skincare professional, I know firsthand how important it is to take care of your physical appearance. I’m always on the lookout for new products and ingredients that can help women look their best at any age. And, since I’m always on the lookout, I also see many trends that come and go, and one that is getting a lot of attention is the “self-love” trend.

We spend so much of our time tending to our families, spouses, and friends, and many times we prioritize their emotional and physical well-being before our own. There's certainly nothing wrong with this and it's an inherent part of our feminine nature. However, sometimes that can lead to neglecting our own needs and self-care. However, while taking care of ourselves is important, it should not come at the expense of neglecting others. In this blog post, we will explore why it is critical to balance self-love with our natural caregiving tendencies.

Your Needs Matter

True beauty comes from within, which means your interior happiness gives the boost to all your efforts to have great skin and a healthy body. Although "self-love" has historically (and certainly still can be) been defined as a form of narcissism, the “self-love” trend aims to focus on an appreciation of one's own worth or virtue and having proper regard for and attention to one's own happiness or well-being (ref. Webster’s Dictionary). These things have an impact on your personal health.

That being said, there is a flip side to this conversation that needs attention, too, which is recognizing the dignity of women and their important role in society as nurturers.

Tapping Into Your Feminine Genius

I recently heard someone say that “as women, we are often socialized to be caretakers and nurturers.” While there is a certainly an historical societal connotation to women as caretakers, women are so much more than just “socialized” creatures.

Women possess something called the “feminine genius”, which refers to the innate characteristics and strengths that women possess and are different from those of men. Qualities such as intuition, empathy, nurturing, and the ability to form and maintain relationships. Feminine genius is not limited to traditional roles such as motherhood or homemaking, though those are atmospheres where these traits flourish. Women can bring these unique talents and qualities to any sphere of society, including business, politics, and education.

The Secret To Finding The Balance

So where is the balance? Well, we know that caring for others can give you an increased sense of purpose and fulfillment and can help strengthen social connections and lead to a sense of belonging. But the danger is that can lead to neglecting your own needs. For example, should you take your free hour this afternoon and have coffee with a struggling friend to offer comfort and advice? Or should you lock the door and take a much-needed bubble bath? Since every day and every situation is different, and sometimes one is better than another but not always, I suggest finding the balance in asking yourself a few simple questions when you begin to feel overwhelmed or unsure in a particular situation:

  • Which choice will make me a more loving person?
  • Which choice will help me be authentic?
  • Which choice will allow me to use my gifts and talents in a positive way?

Then, go with your gut instincts. You won’t be disappointed.


As women, it is essential to balance self-love and caring for others to live a happy and fulfilling life. Balancing the two can be tricky, but the three simple questions above - Which will make me a more loving person? Which will help me be authentic? Which will allow me to use my gifts and talents in a positive way? - are key to finding your balance.

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by Lisa Duffy – April 21, 2023

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