The Skincare Puzzle: How Do I Know Which Products To Use?

The Skincare Puzzle: How Do I Know Which Products To Use?

By Anne Thompson

Are you new to starting a skincare routine and feel intimidated by the hundreds of products available? We understand! Developing a skincare routine, no matter what your age or skin type, can seem like trying to put a puzzle together. When I start a new puzzle, I always identify the corner pieces and begin building the puzzle from there. Building a skincare routine is really no different.

Magnolia Skin Essentials helps you place the puzzle pieces of skin care in the right place so you can build an effective routine that’s perfect for your skin’s needs. Our products are tailored specifically to nourish and balance all types of skin, helping you achieve the results you want in a healthy manner. From anti-aging eye serums to cleansing masks, we have everything you need for the ultimate custom routine.

Starting with the "Corner Pieces"

At Magnolia Skin Essentials our "corner pieces" are the basics of any good skincare routine: cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and exfoliating. These 4 key pieces of the skincare puzzle are the perfect steps to build a custom skincare routine for the unique needs of your skin type. For example, if you have dry/mature skin, the corner pieces in your routine might be the following:

  1. Hydrating Aloe Facial Cleanser (cleanses, hydrates, leaving your skin refreshed and soft),
  2. Rose Aloe Hydrating Toner (pure Aloe Vera helps restore the Ph balance of your skin),
  3. Day and Night Whipped Moisturizer (contains Magnolia Bark Extract and Essential Oil that helps to retain your natural moisture levels).
  4. Turmeric & Vitamin E Brightening Mask (Turmeric is highly valued for its antioxidant levels and ability to reduce inflammation).

These 4 key products are great building blocks for a skincare routine.

Completing The Puzzle

With every puzzle there seems to be a section that can be a little challenging. Picture puzzle pieces often have different shades of lighting on an architectural detail, or that one last piece that we just can't seem to find. So too with skin care, and for my skin type, I find that our Facial Serums are just the piece to put in place.

For example, our Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum is perfect for hydrating and soothing dry skin, but also wonderful for acne-prone skin troubled by scars. It’s formulated with the high percentage of LMW (low molecular weight) Hyaluronic Acid, so you know you are using meaningful amounts that can have a positive effect on your skin. This serum is combined with premium ingredients for optimal hydration and defense against damage caused by environmental elements.

Whether you're looking to restore balance to dry skin or reduce the signs of premature aging our Magnolia Facial Serum may be the perfect piece for you. This luxurious serum is perfect overnight treatment for dry/normal skin and a great spot treatment for combination skin. It provides long-term benefits so you can wake up to healthier, younger-looking skin. Containing 60% more antioxidants compared to Moroccan Argan oil, it helps fight free radicals, providing the ultimate protection against environmental stressors that cause early visible signs of aging.

As you delve deeper into your skin care regiment you may want to consider our Magnolia Hibiscus Body Polishing Scrub. Designed to be used from shoulders to toes, but I personally find its extra appeal for my elbows, hands, and feet.

For a complete list of recommended products for your skin type, visit Dry, Mature, or Normal Skin, Oily, Acne-Prone, Sensitive, or Reactive Skin, or Combination Skin.


Whether it’s calming inflammation or evening out skin tone, our innovative formulas can do it all while being gentle enough even for sensitive complexions. With our revitalizing effectiveness and pleasant aromas, trust us when we say that taking care of your skin has never been more enjoyable or rewarding!

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