Embracing the Seasons of Womanhood: A Reflection On A Woman’s Journey Through Life

Embracing the Seasons of Womanhood: A Reflection On A Woman’s Journey Through Life

I LOVE summer and never want it to end, but I know so many women who relish the cooler temperatures and the whole back-to-school experience. For many of us, back-to-school brings a bit of melancholy, and I am no exception this year, since I’ve just sent my youngest child off to college. It’s all part of life, right?

But, in my melancholy state, I have begun thinking about the connection between nature’s seasons and the seasons of a woman’s life. The parallels between the ever-shifting landscapes of nature and the diverse phases of womanhood are striking, and they offer valuable insights into the beauty and wisdom of embracing change. But most of all, the parallels seem to emphasize the significance and necessity of a mature woman’s leadership at every stage of the journey.

So, I thought I would momentarily break from my typical weekly skincare advice and offer a few whimsical thoughts, and a few reflection questions for you, in case you were also a little melancholy.

Spring: Blossoming into Womanhood

In nature, spring is a time of rebirth, as buds burst into vibrant blossoms and the world awakens from its winter slumber. Similarly, a woman's journey begins with the season of spring, characterized by the innocence and wonder of childhood. Just as flowers bloom, a young girl discovers her passions, explores her interests, and embarks on the path to self-discovery.

During this season of blossoming, it's crucial for mature women to provide guidance, nurturing, and support, helping young women explore their curiosities and develop their unique identities. Whether you’re her mom, her aunt, or someone in a leadership role, your help forming confident, healthy, upstanding women is essential. A season of maturity blends with a season of innocence.

Reflection question: Who are the young women in your life and how can you be a positive role model for them?

Summer: Embracing Fullness and Fertility

As summer arrives, nature radiates with warmth and vitality. The same warmth and vitality define the season of motherhood in a woman's life. Just as the earth yields abundant harvests, a woman's body and spirit bloom with fertility and creative power. Motherhood brings about a nurturing and protective instinct, much like the way nature cares for its flourishing life forms.

Here, too, a mature woman offers incredible support to young moms with their hard-earned experience of raising children and sending them off into a world that can be equally as incredible and beautiful as it can be harsh and unforgiving. Embracing the summer of womanhood with open arms, celebrating the power to create, nourish, and guide. Just as the sun sustains life, a mother's love brings warmth and light to her family.

Reflection questionReflect on a moment when you felt the nurturing and protective instincts associated with motherhood. How did this instinct manifest, and what impact did it have on your actions and decisions?

Autumn: Embracing Change and Wisdom 

Autumn is a season of transition, marked by the gradual shift of colors and the shedding of leaves. This resonates deeply with the phase of middle age in a woman's life, where she undergoes transformation, both physically and emotionally. Just as trees release their leaves, a woman may shed societal expectations and old beliefs, gaining clarity and self-awareness.

This can also be a time of confusion and questioning, specifically regarding a woman’s evolving purpose in life. Older women play an important role in helping middle-aged women make peace with the changes that come with letting children go off into the world and discover their own purposes in life.

Embracing the autumn of womanhood is a time of reflection, growth, and acceptance. Like the changing leaves, the experiences and lessons of the past contribute to the tapestry of wisdom that adorns a woman's life.

Reflection question: Consider the role of older women in helping middle-aged women come to terms with the changes that come with their children leaving the nest. Have you experienced such guidance or support from older women in your life? How has their wisdom and perspective influenced your ability to embrace your evolving roles and purpose?

Winter: Cultivating Inner Depth and Grace 

And finally in nature, winter is a time of stillness and introspection. Similarly, the winter of a woman's life represents a period of reflection, self-discovery, and inner growth. With the responsibilities of earlier seasons behind her, a woman enters a phase where she can focus on her own well-being, passions, and aspirations.

Winter's beauty lies in its tranquility, just as a woman's maturity brings a sense of inner peace and self-assuredness. Embracing this season with other women at this point in life is a great way to inspire yourself and cultivate inner depth, pursue personal goals, and share the accumulated wisdom with younger generations.

Reflection questionConsider the comparison between winter's tranquility and a woman's maturity bringing inner peace and self-assuredness. In what ways have you already started to experience a sense of inner peace and self-confidence as you've moved through different life stages? Are there certain practices or mindsets that have contributed to this growth?


Each phase, just like the changing seasons, has its unique beauty, purpose, and lessons. By embracing the transitions with grace, women can find growth and inspiration in every stage. Just as the earth transforms and flourishes through its seasons, so too can a woman evolve, thrive, and leave her indelible mark on the world.


by Lisa Duffy – August 21, 2023

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