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Anne Thought Skincare Was A Lost Cause... Then She Tried Magnolia Skin Essentials

Anne Thought Skincare Was A Lost Cause... Then She Tried Magnolia Skin Essentials

By Anne Thompson

It's never too late to try something new!

Though I am not a new customer to Magnolia Skin Essentials, I am a relatively new customer to their skincare line.

For the last 40 years I have attempted several skincare products that have failed to fulfill their empty promises. I was never able to use the other products for any length of time due to my body's reaction to them. Stinging of my eyes and occasional bouts of conjunctivitis directed me to several doctors that persuaded me to eliminate skin care products from my shopping list.

I wasn't trying to appear younger then my age I was simply trying to find a product that I could use long term and would leave my skin feeling soft and looking refreshed. After years of basic soap and water I was introduced to Magnolia Skin Essentials.

Magnolia Skin Essentials is the ultimate destination (and my final destination) for luxurious clean skincare. Their carefully crafted gentle and natural formulations are designed to nurture and restore our skin, giving us back its youthful glow. Their products use nourishing ingredients with powerful benefits that protect our delicate complexion from environmental aggressors while providing lasting hydration.

I was able to transform my everyday boring routine into an indulgent spa experience at home with their wonderful selection of skincare essentials. I especially liked their Hydrating Aloe Facial Cleanser. It dispenses as an opaque color and changes to a soft thin white layer of cleanser as you massage it into your skin. You may splash it off but for a more controlled experience I use a well wrung washcloth that has been rinsed with tepid water. The Rose Aloe Toner is a great restorer of your skins pH balance after the cleanser. Then to top it off the Day and Night Whipped Moisturizer is the icing on the cake. I was pleasantly surprised and thrilled when I used the Vitamin Boost Eye Repair Cream without any form of stinging or redness.

I'm so convinced you will love Magnolia Skin Essentials' skincare products that I want to remind you they're offering a two different specials:

1. On their Gentle Radiance Collection for sensitive/reactive skin - Use promo code RADIANCE15 to get 15% off!

2. On their Discovery Collections: Detox (acne-prone), Anti-Aging (dry/mature), and Gentle Radiance (sensitive/reactive). Each kit comes with a generous sample of products designed just for your skin type to help you determine if this is a product you feel is well worth investing in. Use promo code NEWFAVORITES15 for 15% off!

From cleansers to serums, you'll find everything you need to build up a personalized regimen that caters specifically to your needs - leaving you feeling refreshed, confident and radiant!

Magnolia Jojoba Brightening Face Scrub

Magnolia Jojoba Brightening Face Scrub

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Hydrating Aloe Facial Cleanser

Hydrating Aloe Facial Cleanser

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by Lisa Duffy – April 24, 2023


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