The Story Behind Magnolia Skin Essentials: An Interview With Founder Lisa Duffy

The Story Behind Magnolia Skin Essentials: An Interview With Founder Lisa Duffy

Everybody loves a good story, and today we're focusing on an important one; the story behind Magnolia Skin Essentials and the "how and why" founder and owner Lisa Duffy created this up and coming clean skincare business.

Question: You haven't always been creating amazing skin care products, so share with us what you have done and why you are doing this now.

Lisa Duffy:

I’ve spent 20 years as an author, speaker, and divorce recovery coach helping people heal and rebuild their lives after divorce. It was hard work, but there was a tremendous amount of joy When the time came for a change, I decided I wanted whatever I did to still offer me the opportunity to help people heal.

When I discovered how to treat skin conditions and roll the clock back on aging skin, I was excited to discover that handcrafting clean skin care products has definitely allowed me to follow that path of helping people heal and feel their best, no matter what their circumstances may be.

I have a diploma in Organic Skin Care from the Center Of Excellence in England and continue to educate myself so I can offer the best products possible.

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Question: Who have been your primary influences in starting a business?

Lisa Duffy:

As a second-generation Hispanic American female entrepreneur, I can say that both my father and my mother played a big role in who I am today.

My father grew up quite poor in El Paso, TX, where in 1945 he began working to support his family at the age of 8 carrying train passengers’ luggage. His entrepreneurial spirit lives passionately within me.

And, my mom was truly an “earth mother”, who had an understanding of and love for the abundant goodness nature provides. She made most of our food from scratch, was part of a whole foods co-op back in the 70's and loved to mill her own grains and make her own bread. It was out of her example and love for these things that I became passionate about clean skin care and the bountiful goodness nature offers.

Question: Why Magnolia?

Lisa Duffy:

When I was choosing the name of this business, Magnolia wasn’t part of it simply because I live in the South. The Magnolia Grandiflora flower represents the strength and beauty of women, just as is implied in the movie title, Steel Magnolias.

This flower also bears amazing skin benefits obtained from the bark extract and the essential oil. It has moisturizing and anti-aging benefits and the fragrance has been used to help calm anxiety. Magnolia has been traditional used in Chinese and European medicine and skincare for centuries.

Question: What motivates you in your business?

I believe in building people up, healing their hurts, and showing them how great they can be. I believe that creates a better society. This is truly what motivates me to create the best skincare products I can make.

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by Lisa Duffy – January 04, 2021

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