Starting 2022 On The Right Foot With National Celebration Of Life Month

Starting 2022 On The Right Foot With National Celebration Of Life Month


Did you know January is National Celebration Of Life month?

This celebration was instituted as a way to take a step back and take note of the gift of life we all enjoy, and the blessings that come to us every day. It is also intended to help us focus on taking care of our physical health as a way to honor the gift of life. It’s the perfect time to unwind from the holidays and give ourselves a little TLC.

Here are a few suggestions on how to celebrate National Celebration of Life month:

1.    Reserve a little time to detach yourself from work and other responsibilities to indulge in something you enjoy, such as a walk in the park, a hobby or craft, a date night with your hubby, or whatever it is that helps you recharge when things become overwhelming, chaotic, or just so busy you can’t think straight.

2.    Connect with family members. Whether it is in person, or via video call, or even taking 10 minutes to write a personal, hand-written greeting card, because who doesn’t love getting thoughtful pieces like that in the mail, right?

3.    Make a list of blessings you can count - big and small - and keep it posted on your desk at work, on the mirror in your bathroom, or anywhere you can readily see it and be reminded of it. This helps to keep you focused on the good things you have, especially when things get hectic or take a wrong turn.

4.    Take a spa day and relax! Don’t have that many hours to yourself or that much money to spend? No problem! We've made things easy for you with our Magnolia Spa Collection, the perfect at-home spa experience for a fraction of the cost of the same treatments at a boutique spa.

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Hoping you have a great start to your 2022!

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