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NEW! Hydrating Aloe Facial Cleanser

NEW! Hydrating Aloe Facial Cleanser

Aloe is an integral part of any skincare routine as it is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Our new Hydrating Aloe Facial Cleanser takes this to the next level with added benefits! Rose hydrosol helps to soothe inflamed skin while Hibiscus extract, Magnolia extract, and Pro-Vitamin B5 provide a gentle boost to your skin's health. Silk proteins in our exclusive formulation leave skin feeling silky smooth after each use. This gentle formulation beautifully cleanses your face without drying it out.

Our Hydrating Aloe Facial Cleanser is the perfect way to keep your complexion clean and healthy for any skin type!

Elevate your skincare routine today with this gentle, hydrating cleanser. You will love the way your skin looks and feels!

by Lisa Duffy – January 30, 2023

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