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How To Make Beauty Water: Here’s My Quick And Easy Recipe

How To Make Beauty Water: Here’s My Quick And Easy Recipe

I once heard a doctor liken the aging process to a burning cigarette, pointing out how the oxidization process occurs over time from the lit tip all the way down to the filter. It was an alarming example, but it is true. No matter what your age, the older you get, the more your body oxidizes. 

This is why anti-oxidants are so important in our quest to be healthy and youthful, and luckily for us, antioxidants are as easily consumed as they are topically used. So when I first heard about beauty water, I was intrigued and excited.

I am not naturally a water-drinker, it is most definitely by force of habit. The most difficult time of the day for me to drink water is when I get up in the morning. COFFEE IS MANDATORY. 

But the experts tell us that the first drink of the day should be water which made me all the more interested in beauty water - starting my day with something that would help me look and feel better.

So after many months of trying different cold-brew concoctions and noting their effects, I finally settled on my own version of beauty water that works for me and that I will share with you now. It is super simple, yet easy to adjust to your own liking.

Best part is, this water is packed with anti-oxidants and vitamins, not to mention ingredients that are beneficial to your liver and other organs.

Here are my simple ingredients, all of which can be found at local tea shops or online stores such as Amazon.Com:

  • 1/4 cup dried Hibiscus leaves

  • 1/4 cup dried Calendula (Marigold) petals

  • 1/4 cup dried Rose petals

  • Lemon zest peels

  • Chamomile tea with honey and vanilla

And here is how easy it is to make this beauty water:

  • Combine all ingredients in a pitcher and fill to about 1/3 full with purified water.

  • Swirl and steep for 12 hours or overnight. It becomes a deep ruby color!

  • Dilute and drink! Pour a half a cup of beauty water into a glass and fill the rest of the way with sparkling water or more purified water. Feel free to add honey, Stevia, or whatever your sweetener of choice is. You can also add ginger, turmeric, or whatever additive you like.

Yes, it’s that easy, but the impact it has on your body is truly fantastic! Here are the benefits for you:

  • Super high in antioxidants
  • High in Vitamin C and Iron
  • Hydration your body craves
  • Cold brewing reduces tannins and bitterness from Hibiscus

I personally drink a 6 oz undiluted glass before my coffee, and then I dilute a half a cup in a full glass of water a few times during the day so I am always staying hydrated.

And just like that, you have your beauty water and are doing wonderful things for your body.

If you are taking high doses of any particular vitamin, you should check with your doctor about these ingredients, but overall, this is such a great boost to your health, both internally and externally. Your skin will thank you for it!

by Lisa Duffy – June 24, 2021

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