3 Tips For Taming Maskne

3 Tips For Taming Maskne
  • Charcoal and Tea Tree Oil Bar — This bar has a proven track record of clearing users’ skin without stripping it dry.
  • Rose Kaolin Clay Cleansing Bar — Kaolin Clay is a gentle cosmetic clay that absorbs impurities and gently cleanses. Rose Absolute Essential Oil also has anti-microbal properties.
  • Magnolia Hibiscus-Infused Bar — Magnolia Essential Oil is magnificent for your facial skin and Hibiscus is a natural, gentle exfoliater.
  • Rose Aloe Hydrating Toner — A wonderful treatment for your skin. Restores your skin’s pH balance after cleansing and adds some wonderful moisturizing ingredients like Niaminicide, natural silk proteins, and more.
  • French Rose Mud Mask — Formulated especially for clarifying and hydrating skin. French Green Clay and Rose Kaolin Clay gently absorb impurities while your face is moisturized.
  • Magnolia Facial Serum — This gorgeous serum is perfect for moisturizing and creating that protective barrier for your skin. Magnolia Blossom Essential Oil also has a fragrance that offers stress relief and better sleep.

by Lisa Duffy – December 11, 2020

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