30 Day Challenge Glow Stick

30 Day Challenge Glow Stick

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Want younger looking skin? Take the 30-Day Magnolia Glow Stick Challenge!

If you have normal, dry, or mature skin and you want a product that delivers REAL results that will make your skin look and feel gorgeous, TAKE THE CHALLENGE!

We're giving away free, full size Fresh Magnolia Glow Sticks to the first 50 people who go to MagnoliaSkinEssentials.Com and add a Fresh Magnolia Glow Stick to their carts. Just use code CHALLENGE at checkout and get your Glow Stick for free + shipping (typically $5 or less for US First Class Shipping).

It's SO EASY! Just glide your Fresh Magnolia Glow Stick over your wet face before you get out of the shower each morning, blot dry and wait a few minutes before applying makeup. THAT'S IT! I predict you will be amazed at the results!!

And in 30 days, you’ll have super soft, younger looking skin!

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This product is not recommended for oily or acne-prone skin.