Beauty And Charcuterie This Fall!

Love entertaining? With Fall and the holidays coming up, there will be lots of opportunities to have friends over for good times. But that's a lot of work, right? Sometimes, it can be, but if you're looking for something fun and easy, why not throw a Fall Charcuterie party?

My family loves "snacky" meals and your guests will love coming over for a Fall Charcuterie party. Here are a few tips to make this easy on you and a memorable occasion for all:

1.     Arrange It All On A Chopping Board

One of the best things about Charcuterie is the appetizing arrangements that get your mouth watering by just looking at it. No need for multiple dishes and plates, simply arrange your fruit, meats, cheeses, nuts on a large chopping board or even a large covered plank along with crackers, toasts, pita chips, etc. It will look fresh, inviting, and delicious, and you will have an easy no hassle clean-up!

2.    Fresh Decorations Are The Easiest!

No need to buy expensive arrangements or fresh bouquets... use what you have in your yard! My teenage daughter is always in charge of decorations for the table when we entertain because she takes simple things like pine cones, Fir Tree branch snippets, and fall flowers to create something really beautiful at no extra charge.

3.    Look Your Best!

What makes gatherings like this so exciting is the feeling your guests get when they see your beautiful face! If you follow my 3 Tips For Keeping Your Summer Glow This Fall, no doubt you will wow your guests!

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